TRANSEXPO 2018 is the stage for IRIS to present the most technologically advanced sensor for Automatic Counting of Passengers and other objects - IRMA 6 - for the first time in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe

IRMA 6 sensor showcased at TRANSEXPO 2018
IRMA 6 sensor showcased at TRANSEXPO 2018

The IRMA 6 sensor is the perfect complement to the existing on-board systems. The sensor, having been connected to the on-board computer which manages the on-board information system additional data related to the number passengers in the vehicle are then fed into the software.  With the data obtained from the IRMA 6 sensor, we can analyse passenger flows - incoming and outgoing at particular bus  stops, lines and the route sections.  The IRMA 6 sensor provides the highest level of accuracy and reliability - this is owed to the extension of the already proven Time-of-Flight (ToF) detection technology. ToF offers objects distance monitoring from the sensor - measurement is done on the basis of the laser beams time of flight emitted by the sensor and reflected by objects located in the door zone.  In contrast to its predecessor (IRMA MATRIX sensor), the latest sensor is characterized with a much higher resolution and thus a much wider detection zone.  The IRMA 6 sensor monitors the distance in 80,000 points of the door zone, thus  the sensor very quickly analyses the shape of given objects and the movement direction. Thus the sensor provides ready-to-use data transmitted to the on-board information systems. This includes the info on the actual number of  passengers. Then, the data are sent to final customers with. Devices from our partners (manufacturers of on-board computers) are used for transmission. The data, once with the client is a subject of further analyses.  The IRMA 6 sensor has an open communication protocol and can thus be connected to on-board information systems via the ETH or PoE network, and communicate with the use of the new IBIS IP standards (VDV301) or ITxPT.

We invite you to visit the company's expo stand from 23 to 25 October during International Fair of Public Transport TRANSEXPO.


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