The 4Insulation exhibition held on 27 and 28 February at Targi Kielce includes the 4th Scientific and Technical Conference HEAT not LOST. The Polish Organization towards Work for Energy Efficiency and Research is the session initiator


The conference is intended to bring together professionals - representatives of the insulation and cogeneration business sectors. The meeting comprises the three panels. The first panel starts at 10:00, and the speakers list includes Marek Sutkowski from Horus Energia, Arkadiusz Jatczak from Librac and Ewelina Boronowska from POWeeR. They will discuss the high-efficiency cogeneration systems, thermal energy recovery and the support systems for electricity generation.

The second focused on energy efficiency. Piotr Krajewski from Heat not Lost will talk about prospering for energy savings in companies. Mateusz Bartczak from I-Serwis ASFI will talk about the idea of heat recovery from machines. Marcin Gańko from KSB Pump and fixtures will discuss the topic of energy saving in pumping technology. The presentations will be complemented by Jarosław Zgodzja from Marani who will talk about the compressed air systems energy optimization. Jakub Wójcik from Sabur will lecture on effective media consumption management.

The third panel starts at 14:00 with Łukasz Mędrecki from Saint Gobain - ISOVER. The speaker will address the insulation related question - effectively or in a glamorous way.  The conference gains the international character owing to the speech of Luis Lopez Brunner who lectures on "Digital energy effciency  self-inspection tool for insulation work".  Michał Grzegorczyk from Rocwool Polska is next speaker - his topic is energy audit. Zuzanna Bieńkowska from STE Global Protection will discuss human resources training and development.  The conference will end with the speech by Michał Nękanowicz from PAROC Polska who will present High Temperature Industrial Insulations.

There is no conference fee. Prior electronic registration required - use the website 

 Detailed conference plan available HERE


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