The DUB IT! Tuning Festival is held for the seventh time in Targi Kielce! Thousands automotive and cars aficionados from all over Poland have have been brought together in Zakładowa Street right in the morning. The major automotive festival will unveils over the next two days

Amazing shows,  attractions, presentations and exhibitions - this is how the event programme can be sumarised
Amazing shows, attractions, presentations and exhibitions - this is how the event
programme can be sumarised

The automotive industry exhibitors  present a wide range of services, methods and products one needs in order to carry out an attractive and effective car conversion.  The expo stands make it possible to become familiar with a wide range of unique car parts, accessories and electronics as well as Car Audio equipment.

The event features the Get Car expo stand in the outdoor exhibition grounds in front of hall F. THis is where you can make use of technical consultations and discover all the secrets of a vehicle's engine  power, capacity and acceleration.  Every hour the F Expo Hall is where you can see remotely controlled car models racing  - Illegal-D RC Drift Show, 1:10 scale.  The spectacular nature of this sport makes it as exciting as real drift.    For people who do not have a driving license yet and still want to enjoy Dub IT Festival, the Korona MM Driving School  offers training rides on the vehicle manoeuvre area in front of C Expo Hall. All fans of perfect sound systems should go to D Expo Hall and see the Car Audio PASCA the Polish Championships eliminations.  This is a direct confrontation designed to choose the loudest car-audio system.  The car wraps, leather elements restoration and care, window shading and paint polishing demonstrations are also very popular.

A constant point of the tuning holidays agenda are special drift shows.  The best cars, professionally prepared cars have been carefully selected for drift shows staged in Targi Kielce. These are mechanically, electronically and visually modified cars.  This weekend Kielce inhabitants' favourite show is on - the Drift Battle offers controlled skid-driving demonstrations. In addition to the classic drifts  tere are also drifting trucks. The bravest aficionados of driving at a sharp angle can feel unleash the power hidden under the hood of all these tuned cars - this is possible owing to Drift Taxi, where you can jump into a passenger's seat.  An unusual spectacle are evacuation demonstrations of off-road vehicles organized by Speed ​​Med Poland and staged in front of C Expo Hall.

This year, for the first time DUB IT Festival also offers the chance to see  the automotive classics at the Classic & Young Show! exhibition in A and C Expo Halls. Over 100 selected vintage vehicles are on display for visitors to see.

Unique emotions and thrill guaranteed, coupled with stunning speed and burning rubber smell.  Saturday, July 7 is the Dub IT! Festival in Targi Kielce.  The event continues until 22.00, on Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00.



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