Luxury cars and beautiful women


The première of the latest Mercedes model, luxurious limousines on show and Latino dancers live performances  - this is a nut-shell presentation of the first day of  Targi Kielce's International Auto Part and Accessory Exhibition APAE held parallel to the  International Rubber and Tyre Exhibition RTE.

At the official event opening Mr Andrzej Mochoń PhD, Targi Kielce President of Board said  that a bicycle is the best and healthiest means of transport. Yet we all know that cars also play an important role in our lives. If these are high-class cars, it is even better. This has given rose to today's event's organisation.  

A première unveiling

The latest Mercedes GLC class model, a successor of the well-known SUV GLK will be officially launched in Polish showrooms on September 12. However VIP Night guests staged at Targi Kielce had the chance to see it two days earlier.  Judging by the crowd gathered around the car, it stands a good chance of become a market success.

A car as expensive as a house

The latest models were put on show by Kielce car showrooms.  Polmot Skoda Auto displayed 2016's superb in black & white colour combination.  The Matsuoka Motors displayed Mazda - the MX-5 roadster greatest the interest.  Pro-Mot Volvo staged a red carpet presentation of a beautiful SUV XC90 - the latest large-size model.  Among the limousines there was a brand new Sorento from Kia Patecki IM.  The Honda Cichoński team had an interesting adventure - just before the event start one of its display cars had been sold. They needed to have another car to put on display at VIP Night.  Data provided by the ZK Motors BMW hosts could come as a surprise even for VIP's.  A white BMW X5 in the legendary M version costs about 700 thousand PLN.

Samba, samba

To add some dynamics to luxury cars presentations, the event was accompanied with live dance performances of Lady Latte Dance Group.  The girls featured African-style and Rio de Janeiro dances.  One of the ladies present at the evening said - gentlemen were watching the girls in awe.


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